Monday, August 10, 2009

The Soap Lady

Hey everyone, so I decided that when I don't have a video to post, I will tell you about some of the past experience that I have had. This one is called "The Soap Lady"

One day I was sitting outside a local cafe having coffee and just chilling out with my dad, and I see a homeless person walking up the street, which is normal and so I didn't think anything of it. She was fairly put together but had a lot of make-up on. I mean a LOT. Anyway, when she got to our table she asked for change to buy a soda. My dad gave her a dollar and she was on her way. She didn't really talk to me or look at me during the exchange, which was fine with me. About 15 minutes passes and I kind of forget about her. That is, untill she comes back straight to our table. She places a new pack of Ivory soap right in front of me and mumbles somthing.  I'm guessing she said "this is for you," but I'm not really sure. Then she walked away.

Now obviously the soap lady had some issues that may have contributed to her acting in such a way. But the theme of 'people needing to give stuff to me'  is not new. I think people see a "poor disabled person" and want to reach out, but they do so in an extremely misguided manner. Nobody give other able-bodied people random things. To date, I have been offered a bar of soap, money (many times, including from a homeless person), Michael Jackson T-shirts, bread, and many other things.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this story. And hopefully my next post will include some videos.


  1. I would have taken that Michael Jackson T-shirt and sold it on eBay.

  2. I walk with a cane at times as i have severe endometriosis (as well as bipolar disorder and aspergers syndrome) and i get really weird looks. I've never been given anything per se but i get people doing really weird things for me liking backing out of the way not just a little but like 5 feet in order for me to get by (i'm like 105" and 5'4) the best is when i'm in emergency i've had people say OH TAKE HER FIRST (over their sick 80 year old mothers) because i'm having seizures which i accept happens when my drugs aren't working.

    i keep saying its not as bad as it looks...and frankly is really embaressing, because i'm pretty sure the 80 year old with heart problems should probably be before me. O_o


  3. You should have totally taken the MJ T-shirt. It would be worth a lot of soap right now.

  4. Hmm. I've had strange things happen to me...and awkward moments...but never had people just give me random things. I might think of it as a power to harness, and try to get people to give me things that would benefit me. For instance, if I was out on the town and needed a pen to jot something down, I would use the Force to get a random passerby to give me one. Of course, I suppose I could just ask somebody...but Jedi mind tricks would be cooler. Anyhow...what do you do with these things people give you?

  5. Eva,
    I think people mean well. They just want to give you something, maybe whatever they have at the time. Maybe it makes them feel better. I think they just want to connect with you and that's the only way they know how. Thank you so much for sharing. I love your site and idea.


  6. I had a woman at a bus stop see me in my power chair and give me a penny. She was clearly mentally disabled, so I didn't argue with her good intent, just said thank you and put it in my pocket. It was a very odd encounter, though.

  7. I'm totally failing to see the downside of the MJ t-shirt. I'm just saying that if a random stranger came up to me and gave me one...I'd totally wear it (after washing it, of course...) :-P

    P.S. Love your site!

  8. Haha, dude, why aren't you taken advantage of their giving spirit? Eventually you could buy yourself something awesome.

    But.. Hmm, this one seems kind of hypocritical. Because if she was homeless, she most like had her own mental problems.

    P.S. I am able bodies and given gifts. (I've been gifted an angel statue by a homeless person, randomly), and had other people give me money, for random/no apparent reasons. And I've been known to give stuff to people randomly as well.

    Though I'll agree it's probably a more common occurence for you.

  9. Yeah, I was with my ex-husband (we were married at the time) at the farmer's market about to buy bread from the Portuguese guy. He saw my then husband in his electric wheelchair and asked me, "you take care this people?" I said, "Actually, we take care of each other." And he gave us some free bread. LOL.

  10. MJ t-shirts? what on earth? your posts are hilarious...I can't wait for more!