Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Job Interviews

So as I have mentioned before I work as a dog walker. Getting a new client is always interesting. First they email me and I email them back and "come out" as disabled as well as explain what services I offer. It's about a 50/50 chance whether they will email me back after I disclose my true identity. If they do email back we set up a meeting.

It's funny once we get to the meeting part, everyone has been super cool about my CP. I make my aide whip out my letter board so I can talk directly to the person. I then show them how I walk dogs with my chair - because I know they are thinking "how the hell does this work?" After I get hired or after I decide I want to walk the dog (I have met some psycho dogs) I mostly do all further communication via email. This works great.

I think the coolness of my clients is partly because they are in there 20's and 30's and professionals but mostly because my attitude toward my CP. I come into every interview like "Yes I have CP but it doesn't effect my job ability." I think my clients are calmed by my attitude. Some people with disabilities want employers to ignore their disability. I believe this attitude makes people uncomfortable because the disability becomes the huge pink elephant in the room.


  1. Would you be interested in writing something for the disability blog carnival? It's coming up SOON!

  2. Sorry to be the crap on your cornflakes, but not being able to move will -really- help you perform first aid on a dog if it gets hurt/injured in a fight. But I'm sure none of the people who employ you consider that when you've got an able-bodied person at your side who is obligated to assume the responsibility for the dog's physical well-being since you can't.

  3. Hi I am also "disabled" but mine is more of a hidden disability until I speak then it becomes more obvious at least it had appeared that way to me. that said I am on a big mission here to become the TONY ROBBINS voice for anyone who has this label on them.. and one of my coaches has suggested to me that one way to get my message out which is 'Don't let your disability control your life" then its subtitled you are more empowered than you
    think.. is to find other websites (like yours) and see how I can help you first. The thought behind this is that when you give of yourself the universe or GOD if you will .. conspires with you in the most unexpected ways to return the positive energy that you put forth.. Now I am not "hoping" for you to give me anything except LOVE because as John Lennon wrote it and he was right. "love, love, love, love is all there is" so if you are at all curious about me get back to me even if you are not get back to me.