Friday, February 12, 2010

Update on Jack A

So I have been trying to figure out who Jack A is. After blogging about all of this, all of my positive reviews suddenly disappeared. Hmmm. I wonder who did that??? I though Jack A. might have been someone who knew me personally because he/she seemed to know a little too much about me. But now I'm pretty sure its just a troll with waaay too much time on his/her hands. So I emailed Yelp. I have a very cool rep from Yelp since I am a business owner and she was totally appalled. However, she's just a rep so she transferred me to someone else regarding my issue. That person basically sent me the same email 5 times after I kept explaining more and more, saying they can't reveal anything about Jack A or whether it was him who flagged all of my reviews. Even when I showed him what I blogged and said it was borderline stalking, I still got more of the same. I messaged Jack A. but no response. So Jack A. remains a mystery man.

Added: My rep just told me Yelp was going to investigate Jack A.'s activity and close the account if it's inappropriate. Also, I got his Livejournal account, so if anyone wants to leave him a comment, feel free...


  1. Am I the only one who thinks Jack A. is an alias for Jack Ass?

  2. Um... I actually know his livejournal if that will help you? I was there during all the drama that went down and he got banned from a community I'm in because he did this to you. If you let me know here I will email you his Livejournal address. He causes a lot of conflicts in communities and the mods keep a close eye on him.

    And his name IS actually Jack, or that's what he uses online, anyway.

  3. please! that would be awesome! my email is

  4. "Am I the only one who thinks Jack A. is an alias for Jack Ass?"

    That's kind of what I was thinking. Especially after Anonymous testifying to similar behavior on LJ, I wonder if he's actually a troll, and chose that name as a subtle joke? =/

  5. So you've chosen dog walking as your career because it's something you're passionate about? That you love doing?

  6. What are you trying to say, Anonymous? That seems pretty irellevant at this point.

  7. It's outright discrimination against a disabled person, if your customers are happy with your service, that's all that matters. They aren't forced into employing you.

  8. Just a curiosity on whether or not it's happiness motivating Eva.

    The career seems irrational, so I just wanted to know if thats the only 'why' behind it.

  9. My apologies for feeding the troll. Sie's made it pretty clear sie is not here in good faith.

    "Irrational". Christ.

  10. Wow. That guy seems like a real winner.

  11. Waah. I'm not a troll. I'm just genuinely curious.

    I don't see why it's that offensive, and Eva's usually happy about answering questions. I'm just curious about the movtivation behind dog walking.

    Whoever you are - dog walking isn't going to be all that profitable, and then Eva's circumstances...

    I'm curious. She's clearly well educated/smart. I could easily see her writing a best seller... So it's interesting.

    It's like comparing.. Umm, say a successful business woman decides to drop her successful job to become a waitress. Wouldn't you want to know why?

    Wouldn't you be curious why? And you're allowed to satiate you're curiosity because the person has offered to talk about their life... (though clearly no guarentee)

    People are interesting. I like to know what sorts of things drive people. And there are other reasons it could be then happiness. Like maybe she wants to prove something to society, or herself...

    It's honest curiosity.