Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The wheelchair is not empty!

So I don't have any new stories to tell- people have been shockingly cool. I thought I would tell you an old story. Let me preface this by saying that my college was awesome. 98% of my professors treated me like any other student- most learned to read my board so we could have conversations without an aide. However, I had to take a class for my major (so I couldn't drop it) and the professor was horrible. Now to be fair, nobody liked her. She rambled on and on about her personal life and often didn't discuss the assigned reading. But she ignored me completely. At the beginning of every semester I would privately meet with my professors to explain how I communicate, how I take tests, and just generally troubleshoot. For example, in my human anatomy class, there was a lot of hands on work with fake bones. Since I can't pick up the bones, my wonderful professor would show me on my body where the bones were. But even after multiple meetings with Professor Horrible where I showed her again and again how I communicate, she wouldn't talk directly to me, only to my aide. She would say, "Does Eva need more time on the paper?" My aide, in a faint attempt to get her to understand would turn her whole body away from the professor and would ask, "Eva, do you need more time?" Sadly Professor Horrible did not catch on. She wouldn't even look at me. Needless to say, I got practically nothing from that class. Loooooong semester.

Also, I just wrote an article for Disaboom on dog walking. Read it here.


  1. That's awful. And just plain ridiculous!

  2. sad to say that some are like that. i had a few teachers like that until one day i just looked at them and said i am sitting right here. i know you can't do that but I wish I could have been tehre with you to knock soem sense into her. I would have looked at her and said i don't know if Eva needs more time or not you need to ask her that yourself If i were your aide not just turned my body toward you and asked you for the professor.

  3. Wow, that's a special kind of f%&*ed up...

  4. I liked the article on dogwalking. You're very interesting. So much ambition. Very unexpectedly inspiring.

    So how do gender studies and dog walking go together? Or was that a joke? It made me laugh either way. Have you ever had a strong dog take you for a "run"?

    Do you have any online journals? Another blog? Thats not focused on your disability? I think your perspective on other miscellaneous things would be very insightful.

    The next question is your fault for bringing up sort of similar things from ...other rude people asking. Do you masturbate?

    Take that with a grain of salt, - it's the internet. No rules for etiquette.

  5. That's none of our business. Would you ask anyone else such a personal question? Never mind the fact that it has nothing to do with this particular post. It's ok because other "rude people" are doing the same thing. If your friends were jumping off a bridge, would you jump, too?

  6. @ Sarah:
    Over the internet? I ask tons of people that question. I assume you don't, what with your attitude. Maybe you should try it sometime. Rumor has it that it relieves tension.

    And I mean, a while back she made a post about someone asking her questions about sex. I'm still curious, so I'm asking. It's interesting. Sex in general is interesting.

    To be on topic with the post:
    Think she still has her job? If none of the students were learning from her...

  7. @ Anonymous:
    You ask tons of people on the internet if they masturbate? No comment. Before we start a whole flame war(?) fight(?) on Eva's blog comments, I'll just step back and keep my mouth shut.

    I do agree with you on the shaky job security. If enough students gave bad reviews at the end of the semester or had legitimate complaints during, maybe she wasn't invited back. Unless Horrible Professor had tenure. Then she'd be harder to get rid of.

  8. Hey there - love your blog, and your astute observations. Love it love it love it.

    Can I beg you to start up a Twitter? :)

  9. That photo of you on Disaboom is soooo sweet!

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