Thursday, April 15, 2010

Question for all my great readers

So, as you know, I am adding more and more designs to my Cafe Press store. I want to make some items that an aide could wear saying something like, "Don't talk to me, talk to my boss." But I can't think of a witty and clever way to say it. It needs to be gender neutral so anyone can wear it (so it can't say 'talk to her' for example). So if you have a brilliant brainstorm, please share!


  1. The first of these is pretty generic. Some of the others are more disability-specific or only good for people who see their disabilities in certain ways, but I figured I'd submit them all anyway.

    “I'm on the clock right now, but my boss might be free.”

    “I've taken a vow of silence, but you can talk to the cripple.”

    “My boss is mute, so I've learned not to listen/so it doesn't matter that I'm deaf.”

  2. Er... I mean “my boss may be free to chat.”

  3. I have misgivings about your "Please don't help me drink!" design. Without the context of having read your blog, they wouldn't know about the incident with the waitress(?), and might interpret the message as coming from the standpoint of a parent or caregiver, announcing that you were not to be given alcohol. Then they'd further presume that you were cognitively impaired and unable to make an informed choice about alcohol. Or they'd attribute any erratic driving to drunkeness.

  4. Please communicate directly with my boss (who sits in the chair)

  5. I'm the mouth, my boss is the brain.

  6. Hi one idea I had is to find a local company who can make you a custom t- shirt.. and have it say your quote is great except add that you are not disabled but empowered by GOD..
    something like "Hi I am not disabled but differently abled or challenged so don't talk to me but with me" and the costs will vary depending on the kind of shirt that you buy and there is a cost for each letter that you put on it so choose your words carefully. if you know how to do this i.e. are able to market this correctly you should not have to pay full retail price on this and who knows you make be able to promote this as a business. if you want any more help get back to me



  7. "You may address the chair" - If that phrase is used in American politics!

    Or have two t-shirts - "chairperson" and "chairperson's aide"

    "Don't pet me - I'm a working aide!" - with design similar to service dog's harness

    "I'm just the flunky"

    "I'm just the aide
    I don't get paid
    To make the deals
    My boss has wheels"

    "I'm the mouthpiece - not the earpiece"

  8. I love "You may address the chair."

  9. I love "I'm the mouthpiece—not the earpiece."

  10. I was trying to think of something about the captain's chair, but the chairperson thing suggested above is more general--the nautical theme would probably just be confusing!