Thursday, November 10, 2011

Apparently All PWD's Need to be Rescued

So I guess I jinxed myself by saying in my last post that nothing really crazy has happened in a while.  Well yesterday, after a long day of computer work, my aide and I went to get my daily green tea at Starbucks.  When we're just getting tea, I stay in the van (it's quicker and easier).  Well, while I'm waiting in the van, this lady pulls up next to me and stares at me and gives me the most disappointing look and is on her cell phone.  I really didn't think this what that weird, as people tend to stare at me.  Then she walked over to the corner of the parking lot and my aide came back.  Just as we were pulling out, I saw who she was on the phone with.  A fire truck was pulling in to the parking lot and she was flagging it down.  She thought I was a poor disabled kid stuck in the van.  Why she didn't ask me if I was ok, or wait the three minutes for my aide to come back before she called the fire department, is beyond me.  Apparently because I'm visibly disabled, I couldn't possibly want to chill in the van.  Oy.  Some people!

p.s. - I'm kind of glad she looked crazy, because there was no blue van when the fire truck got there.  Payback!


  1. Boo lady, yay for fast fire department responsiveness. I bet she felt like an idiot. So she didn't approach your aide to give the riot act?

  2. OMG. EVA! This is hilarious!

    I mean I guess its good that people are looking out for people who may or may not be stuck in a van. but yeah she should have asked.

    She must have really been pressing her nose against the glass, your van's windows are pretty dark.

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  5. Too funny! I found your blog by chance - which is great. I'm adding you to my regular reading - not that I can catch up every day - with 2 kids (2 and 4 yo), most of my time is spent chasing after them. I was actually googling for help with my kids pee problem (he's 4 and thinks that peeing in the toilet is boring); which for some reason pointed me to one of your other articles about needing to pee but being surrounded by JWs. Thanks for the laughs Eva.