Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Coral's on vacation

In my last post I mentioned she had a sprained knee. Well, unfortunately that "sprained knee" turned out to be a completely torn ACL.  She had to have surgery on June 14th, and is now two weeks into an eight week strict bed rest regime, followed by another weeks of limited movement.  Considering all that, she has been an awesome patient.  Because she's so hyper, I was worried that she would not accept her bed rest and complain nonstop about her sudden inactivity.  She actually hasn't complained at all.  She's more than happy just chilling with me.  Unfortunately, I'm pretty much housebound because I have to keep a constant eye on her to ensure that she doesn't do anything to jeopardize her recovery.

That being said, she's already walking on her leg and her limp gets better everyday.  Today we had her stitches  removed, and in a few days she'll get to have her cone removed (one of her stitches got a slight infection that should be cleared up within a couple days).  She's still her happy-go-lucky self.  She definitely wants to work though.  Anyways, just wanted to give you all an update.

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  1. My dog had the same thing and needed surgery and unforetunately her other knee is torn and has to be done as well. Unforetunately she's not as good a patient as Coral so we are trying to schedule the surgery so that our schedules allow for someone to be around all the time.