Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hey you moved your cart!

So this is another story of people who get it right. Watch:

Obviously this is not huge but it was necessary for me to pass. She make no silly remarks about how I drive my chair or about how wonderful it was that I was out in public. She just treated me like anyone else trying to get by. She also noticed me very quickly unlike those girls from the coffee shop.

She didn't make a huge scene of it either. Too bad she's in the minority.


  1. It's great to see an example of how people should treat one another.

  2. Hi! Eva

    Thanks to Bendy Girl, I've found your fantastic blog.

    You are inspirational. Thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new understanding of disability. I'm hooked!


  3. I think you'll appreciate this post of mine

  4. Good job, grocery store customer! I always like to point out to people that grocery carts are also assistive devices--because some people do become so aggressive with them around wheelies.

  5. It's sad that such a trivial thing would be a rarity.

    I went grocery shopping today with my wife at a store that has no electric shopping carts, so we just hauled my manual chair out of the back of the car and brought me in that way. In order to shop, my wife pushed me while I pushed a regular grocery cart in front of me. We made quite the caravan - I was wanting to borrow a kid in a stroller and see where we could fit him/her in the procession.

  6. I have a question, but I'm not sure about whether it might sound weird; I don't know much about your working relationship with your aide. But when these things happen, do you have your aide with you?

    The reason I ask is because if you do, but you told them not to move things like that, it might be that people are expecting that the aide *would* do it. It isn't an excuse for common courtesy, of course. :/

    I'm sorry if it does sound weird, since it's possible that you're now wondering why I might think you might have asked them not to move it; the thinking behind that comment was that you might be wanting people to try to be more responsible for themselves. But I do apologise if it came off as being stupid.

    (btw, for some reason, in Firefox 3.0.14 at least, I can't seem to use the cursor keys or navigation keys (Home, End, etc.) in the comment reply box, which means I'm forced to use the mouse to reposition the cursor. Do you know about this? Or is it just my browser?)