Monday, August 23, 2010

Hmm...maybe my dog will stop people from saying crazy stuff.

So I know I haven't been posting as much, but it's not because I haven't been going out. Quite the opposite. Since Bailey is only 5-months old and grew up on a farm, I have to get him used to city life. We have been going to cafes, stores, the bank, etc. And every time I have been prepared for people to say stupid things to me. But none so far. In fact, people usually just compliment me on my dog if they say anything at all. Maybe people see me handling my dog and realize that I'm not a kid and that I am semi-intelligent. That being said, I'm sure there will be a few times people say outrageous things and you can bet I'll post so fast.

Question for my readers who use a service dog (if anyone)- Do you find people make less offensive remarks when you have your service dog with you? I mean remarks about your disability- I know they often make stupid remarks about service dogs (like try to distract them, make baby talk, pet them without asking, etc). Or have I been just lucky?

I wouldn't be surprised tomorrow when I'm with Bailey if I get an offensive remark now that I have posted about people being cool.


  1. While I don't have a service dog, my friend who did and a service dog trainer I met with said the dog does tend to divert people from focusing on the disability, asking questions about it, etc. Instead, the dog becomes a social icebreaker (though certainly unwanted interactions/distractions happen).

  2. While my disability wasn't terribly noticeable before I got my dog, now that is is more visible, I rarely get comments about it, most comments are about the dog. The only weird comments I get frequently are asking if I'm blind.

  3. that is honestly not weird because most blind individuals have service dogs with them and it is not really noticible that they are blind besides the dog

    1. Actually, most blind people DON'T use service dogs--only some do. It is more common for a blind person to use a white cane.

  4. You're lucky! I use a guide dog. I could write a book on the encounters I have with people asking me strange and personal questions about both my disability and my dog guide. One example is the line of questioning I got recently while at a hair salon. The stylist asked me why I needed a guide dog, if I was renting her and what my glasses prescription is, just to name a few. Sometimes I wonder where people get the nerve to ask such questions.

  5. YEAH!
    People that see me and Liam together act way different.
    having a disability makes it hard for people to say thing while they try not to sound hurtful. Even when Liam is not with me and I talk about him in school they act different.
    The other day I asked my best friend why they did that and her theory is that people see you as kind and responsable enough to look ater a very special and smart dog!

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