Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wow, you read my head shake.

Quick story. I was out with Bailey and this lady came up and asked if she could pet him. Now when people ask me a yes or no question, I usually respond though I know that people won't have any idea what I'm doing. So I did my usually head shake meaning "no" and she actually listened. My aide explained afterward that Bailey was working and shouldn't be distracted. But I thought it was cool that she looked to me for the answer and actually listened. She did kind of follow us around the store after asking every questions in the book- What does he do for you? Where can he go? How do you train him? But that's kind of normal for people who are not familiar with service dogs.


  1. that's really great. nice to know people do the right thing.

  2. Good to see that someone was respectful, well, sort of. I'd probably have been irritated by the following around asking questions bit, but that's just me. Maybe she is thinking about a service dog for someone she knows and has specific questions as a result.

    I'm reading the book Through a Dog's Eyes by the woman who runs Canine Assistants. I'm also thinking about a dog for my son. Thanks for sharing your insights into everything, it's more precious than you may realize.

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