Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's like she read my blog!

So I was waiting for my aide to bring down my next dog for a dog walking session and and a car pulled up and a woman walked out toward me. I honestly thought, "Oh crap, here we go."
She said, "Hey, do you need any help or anything?"
I shook my head.
She replied, "Is someone with you?"
I nodded.
She said, "Okay then, my name is Molly. I've seen you around and though I'd introduce myself. What's your name?"
We then had a brief few second of me thinking "Oh crap, I can't answer" until my aide came down and said, oh this is Eva the dogwalker.
The juxtaposition between this exchange and the one I had a few weeks ago is enormous. Not only did she listen to me when I nodded and shook my head, she proceeded to have a normal conversation with me. Wow!!!


  1. Hah, that's awesome!

  2. this made me smile. good hearing about people who get it.

  3. I am curious what do you do in situations where your aide is not readily available?

  4. This one brought a smile! What a great exchange. Good for you Eva!!!

  5. excellent. perhaps she does read your blog.

  6. hi eva,
    i'm a new reader. i really like your blog. it's a really good idea, and you are a really good writer.
    i am a doctor (general internal medicine) and have a number of differently-abled patients. i am in a unique situation because as a doctor, it's my job to directly address questions i have about my patients like about communication, specific issues about abilities, etc because its my job to understand all those things about my patients.
    sadly though, because of the way healthcare is, i don't have much extra time in my appointments to hear the kind of stories that you are sharing that my patients have. so it's really interesting to hear all of that perspective from you, and also it makes me feel like i don't care if my schedule starts running late, if i am missing out on such interesting stories like the kind you share.
    i am curious a lot about your life. like, what was your degree in, and beyond your activism with this blog, is there anything else you have in mind to help facilitate awareness about these issues? your voice is so accessible and fun. it seems like you could make a career out of doing presentations (like i am thinking about educating med students, or any kind of health care folks, for example)kind of like what you and your dad did at MOCA. anyway, i was just really psyched by your blog, your experiences and the way that you present them. i am hooked and will follow along with your adventures. i entered my email into your contacts if you ever want to contact me directly. i do teach med students and would love to hear your perspective about that... i am sure you have plenty of ignorant doctor stories.

  7. I have to say that though this encounter ended up as a positive one, I'm getting a little weary of being asked if I need help when I'm just sitting around waiting somewhere, minding my own business and not showing any signs of distress. I guess some able-bodied people see a disabled person on their own and think they must have escaped from a nursing home or been cruelly abandoned by a caregiver.

    But considering a disabled fellow I know had somebody call an ambulance on him during a stroll through his neighborhood in his new wheelchair, it's good that she at least asked first before alerting the authorities.

  8. yay, I am glad that you finally found someoe who understands. Or at least trys. I have had that happen to me alot even though i can walk unaided. I have cerebral palsy as well. It can be annoying and very frustrating. thanks for starting your blog. I will be keeping up to date on things. Jennifer Berry

  9. Thank you so much for creating this blog! I love reading your experiences. I have a 7 year old daughter with severe disabilities (Aicardi syndrome) and I understand the challenges in trying to get people to respond well to anyone who's different. You mentioned that you often drool, so I had a question for you... Do you wear bibs, and if so, where do you find age-appropriate bibs? My daughter drools heavily--soaking several bibs a day--and I need to buy more, but they all look so baby-ish. Do you have any suggestions where to find more age-appropriate bibs?

  10. Nice! The internet is a wacky thing; perhaps she DOES read your blog! :)

  11. Well My sister has special needs and being from NYC I always try to a make sure that if any one need help who has special needs to lend a hand. I only say that since I have seen a elderly women fall down a flight a stairs on my way to work and I saw people literaly step over her on their way to the train. I am glad that you are very independent and have a blog wich I a read but as you know not every one can read who has specail needs. love to see what you have to say and that you can do lots for your self just remember not every one is in that same boat.