Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Share your stories!

Hey everyone, I just created a forum for others to share their own stories of mistreatment, being bothered in public, or dealing with unfortunate people. The link is:

And I am going to put it on my side bar as well. I look forward to reading your entertaining posts!


  1. Is there a way to change the CAPTCHA on the sign-up so that it has an audio option?

  2. Hi,
    somehow I came to this page looking at your "housekeeping" link?

    I lose my train of thought pretty often since my MS DX (the Messies say this, DX=diagnosis, and I doubt if they would like being called "Messies." Ha ha, too late.)

    I would be happy if one key on this keyboard could just spell that out every time I feel the need to explain myself; "tap" and it reads "I lose my train of thought pretty often since my MS"

    - because by the time I've typed it out I have no recollection of why...

    OH, right, housekeeping:

    when I got out of the hospital I couldn't walk around much, so I did my sweeping & mopping from the luxury of my rolly-chair (like an office chair?).

    This game of bumper car gets very funny with the mop-bucket of soapy water sloshing all around like an "I Love Lucy" episode, but got the job done.