Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cool Deal with Disability merch

Hey so I just started a cafe press store here. I'm waiting to see if it's popular enough to make a bigger store with more designs (one that I'd have to subscribe to- aka $). So for now it's just the DWD logo but some of my future ideas are "The Wheelchair is NOT Empty!" "Everybody's retarded in their own way..." "No, I'm NOT just like Stephen Hawkins" and "Hi, I'm a person too!"
And if anyone has any cool suggestions I am open to them.


  1. Sweet! I just ordered a hat.

  2. Well, you don't walk but Geri Jewell is an ambulatory comic with CP who has a shirt that says, "I'm not drunk, I have cerebral palsy."

    Not sure that would work for you, but maybe for anyone with CP and a sense of humor who walks a little differently than everyone else.

    For you personally how about, "I'm a GIRL, dammit.. quit calling me BUDDY!"

    ..and, I only suggest this because you have a wicked sense of humor..

    "FREE DROOL! ..but bring your own cup"


    "TAKE A PICTURE. Not only DOES it last longer, but devotees pay good money for that shit."

  3. *delurks*

    Haha, I love Rhodester's suggestion... the "devotee" one :-D I think maybe obscenity and expletives are the way to go on t-shirts - they might be a good way of making people who infantilise people with disabilities to think twice...

    (I hesitate to point out, but will anyway before you put it on a shirt, that the physicist is spelled Stephen Hawking).

    Anyway, have been reading here for a while now - your writing is great! I knew that people with visible disabilities get ridiculously patronised, but hadn't quite realised how predictable the able-bodied patronisers are... I was walking around yesterday and saw a woman about my age loudly addressing the aide of a (probably older) woman with CP "Oh, she's got a looovely smile! She's laughing! How lovely!" and, while WTF'ing, thought of all the similar phrases on here...

    Probably people say this all the time too, but your aides are brilliantly calm and collected - I would snap and yell at these people, even though it obviously wouldn't help any.

  4. Let's go talk to patio furniture!

  5. Olli, I'm pretty sure that "Steven Hawkins" bit was a direct quote, but it may be a good idea to make the 's' a different color or something.

  6. One of the teenagers I work with has a t-shirt with the handicap/wheelchair symbol on it. Under it says "can't beat the parking" I love snarky stuff like that.

  7. I had a girlfriend with CP years ago. She could talk and was ambulatory but it was pretty obvious. The stares became part of the routine and the different reactions that Eva talks about on this blog were a part of life.

    It didn't take me long to realize that snarky was the way to go, particularly in disarming people. I learned long ago that people who get defensive of the disabled aren't used to being around them, and are trying to "protect" them somehow. You better not make jokes about it! You're a horrible, insensitive person if you do!

    On the other hand, most people I've known who have disabilities also have a wicked sense of humor about it, like Eva. It's magical how much a person will relax if the disabled person makes a self-effacing quip and then laughs about it. Since Eva doesn't talk, the T-shirt idea is the next best thing.

    Sorry Eva, just addressing your other commenters because Olli said she(?) liked my suggestion.

    One more..

    "This could be you if you don't eat your vegetables."

  8. I love the one about I am not drunk I have cerebral palsy got a kick out of that . I am ambulatory with CP and onother one for us who are ambulatory Might be I walk like happy feet. the pecguin. I have a friend who calls me that because of how i walk. it does not bother me though because I know it is a joke goold luck with the ideas